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Plan Fulfilled – 7,500 Tonnes of Raw Material Processed


The food industry ‘’Sava Semberija’’ has fully fulfilled its plan for processing 7,500 tonnes of raw material for this year. They expect to process more fruit and vegetables next year, which they will place on the domestic and foreign market.

Facilities for raw material processing were launched in mid-January and have been intensively working since, despite the difficult year for agricultural producers – a rainy spring and a dry summer, according to the City of Bijeljina Administration website.

The largest quantity of raw material was provided by domestic producers from Republic of Srpska, and only the things domestic farmers failed to produce, were imported from Serbia.

With the support of the City of Bijeljina and in cooperation with the Ministry, ‘’Sava Semberija’’ implemented an IFAD project with 77 agricultural producers, who, in addition to the seedlings, were provided with the means and equipment to work.

– For processors operating in the BiH area, red peppers are scarce commodities, so they are forced to turn to imports in part to provide the amount needed for processing. However, thanks to the support projects, this precious culture is gradually returning to the domestic fields – the ‘’Sava’’ pointed out.

The director of the ‘’Sava Semberija’’ Factory, Stevo Filipović, said that safe buying was the most important thing for farmers.

– Based on the experience from the open market, where, due to over-imports, they were easily losing the competitiveness and selling products at a much lower price, our farmers secured a profit by selling their products to ‘’Sava’’ – said Filipović.

He stated that it is very important that, in addition to the manufacturers, the employees of the factory are also pleased, because wages are regular.

– It is being worked full steam, about 40 pallets is produced daily, but satisfaction is greater when the quality completed products are positioned on the domestic and foreign market – said Filipović.





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