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PM: Serbia won’t be parking lot for migrants


The country “will not, and is not able to provide homes for hundreds of thousands of these people,” he added.

Commenting on “unofficial information that the upcoming conference in London will earmark a part of the money for Serbia in order to keep a number of migrants here,” the prime minister said:

“We have not seen that money, that’s a very huge amount of money for our country and if someone were to offer us so many millions of euros, this would mean that hundreds of thousands of migrants would remain in Serbia.”

“That is not possible. Serbia is not a parking lot for anybody and cannot be that,” Vucic said.

He stressed that Serbia is ready to participate in the quota system, although the country has no such obligation as it is not an EU member.

“We are there more honest there than many (EU) member states who took money from the Germans and the EU when they needed it, and now are not participating in this issue in the right way. We don’t need the money, we can house a number of people – but hundreds of thousands of people – that Serbia cannot sustain,” said Vucic.

He reiterated that Serbia “does not need the money” as it covers the costs related to migrants from the state budget, and thanked “both the UNHCR and the EU.”

According to Vucic, “so far we have heard what everyone is against,” while Germany “tried to find a solution, and most other countries are looking to protect themselves and their particular interests rather than the interests of the European Union.”

Source: B92


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