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Podravka’s new visual identity for even stronger breakthrough in the global market


To facilitate modern communication and global market presence, Podravka has introduced a new corporate logo of the Podravka Group, which will for the first time be separated from the production logo of the Podravka brand.

Podravka presented its new visual identity and, for the first time, separated the Podravka Group’s corporate logo from the Podravka brand’s product logo. As a modern, multinational company, Podravka Group operates in 16 countries in two main segments – food and pharmaceutical, and sells its products on more than 60 markets worldwide.

To further strengthen its presence on the global market and to ensure and support the achievement of the strategic goals set by the business and sustainability strategy, Podravka redesigned its visual identity.

Modernization of the Podravka Group’s visual identity will enable achievement of ambitious business goals. They include maintaining leadership positions in the domestic and regional markets, but also strengthening and growing business in international markets: especially in the countries of Central and Western Europe, but also on other continents. Easier and more efficient communication with consumers and other stakeholders will be enabled too.

The new visual identity, which is based on the element of the heart and red color, has preserved the most important and long-lasting elements of the previous versions, thus preserving the company’s previous recognition and tradition. But at the same time, it is adapted to the modern times and the needs and goals of the company in the coming period.

“With the new visual identity, we want to increase our recognition in markets around the world and at the same time emphasize Podravka’s heart, which symbolizes our way of working and our relationship with consumers, employees and the community. In this way, we got a modern visual expression that, through Podravka’s heart, clearly emphasizes the connection with the values that Podravka has been nurturing for more than 75 years. I believe, therefore, that our new logo will remain recognizable to current consumers, but also appealing to those who will become consumers in the future. I am particularly pleased that all the elements of the new logo, which will stand on the back of each of our products, products of the Croatian industry, were designed by Croatian designers and typographers, to whom I would like to thank for their cooperation”, said Martina Dalić, president of the Podravka Management Board, adding that highlighting the Podravka Group in the new logo will enable clearer corporate communication and clearer differentiation of product brands and the company.

“It will also be a platform through which we will be able to strongly develop the common culture and affiliation to the Podravka Group of numerous trading and production companies that Podravka owns around the world, both in the food and pharmaceutical segment,” concluded Dalić.

If you look at the Podravka’s history, from the very beginning it was recognized the need for the visual identity of the company to develop and adapt, both to the development of the business itself, and to the times and current trends. The visual identity that has been used in recent years has imposed, with the development of the markets and new communication channels, more and more restrictions. Because of the fixed shapes and proportions between the frame and the letters of the logo, its adequate application has been difficult, sometimes even impossible. To ensure a modern, applicable visual identity, Podravka engaged domestic experts. New visual identity was created by the world recognized Croatian agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, while the typography was designed by the world recognized expert in typography, Marko Hrastovec from Varaždin.

“The new visual identity is based on the revision of the previous logo and the opening of space for the company’s new business advances. The new solution “liberates” the recognizable heart sign from the fixed central positions on the complicated surface, and it becomes an independent element with the possibility of various applications, whereby the heart itself is discreetly corrected. In some applications, the logo is now simplified and forms a more modern, cleaner background. The new solution is more flexible and suitable for various applications, especially in communication. The change is perhaps most visible in the company name, which is no longer written in capital letters, and a new typography, Podravka sans, has been developed, which is also a combination of a modern script and a rich and sensual form”, commented Davor Bruketa, creative director and co-owner of the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey agency.

The new corporate visual identity of the Podravka Group is being implemented immediately, while the first products with the new production logo will appear on the market shelves in the second quarter of 2024.

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