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Politicians in favour of overall improvement


Nedeljko Cubrilovic, the vice-president of the Democratic People’s Alliance (DNS), stated Tuesday in Banjaluka that the party backs all EU initiatives that aim to stabilise the overall situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We expect full agreement of all political parties from Republika Srpska when it comes to the set of conclusions of the EU Foreign Affairs Council regarding BiH,” Cubrilovic told reporters.

The conclusions represent a good opportunity and a new chance for BiH, he said.

Discussing the DNS candidates for Srpska ministers, Cubrilovic reiterated that Lejla Resic was a candidate for the minister of administration and local self-government, Nedjo Trninic for the minister of transport and communications, and Dane Malesevic for the minister of education and culture.

Vukota Govedarica, the head of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) Caucus in the Srpska parliament, has said qualified the EU Foreign Affairs Council conclusions as good.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina should work to solve the problems in the process of accession to the EU. I don’t see any reasons why political representatives in BiH should not sign a declaration committing themselves to certain reforms,” said Govedarica.


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