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Poll: Nikolic ahead of other potential candidates


Serbia’s President Tomislav Nikolic is currently ahead of all other potential candidates in the presidential elections due to be held next spring.
If elections were held tomorrow, Nikolic would receive 29 percent of votes of all respondents, and 41 percent of those who are certain they would turn out and vote, a new Medium Gallup poll, conducted in the first half of December and presented on Monday, showed.

According to the survey, other potential candidates, Vuk Jeremic and Vojislav Seselj, would both received “three times fewer” votes cast by those certain they would turn out at the polls.

The candidates the poll included are Ivica Dacic, who was supported by eight percent of all respondents and 11 percent of those who said they would vote; Cedomir Jovanovic (2/3 percent), Vuk Jeremic (9/12 percent), Dragan Sutanovac (2/3 percent), Boris Tadic (2/3), Sasa Jankovic (four/six percent), Vojislav Seselj (9/12 percent).

Asked if they were firmly decided to vote for their chosen candidate, as many as 75 percent of those who support Nikolic answered affirmatively.

If Nikolic and Jeremic were to go to the second round, 51.8 of respondents would vote for Nikolic, while 30.4 percent would support Jeremic. 17.7 percent would not vote in the runoff, while at the same time, 82.1 percent of the ruling SNS party voters would back Nikolic.

When it comes to those who are certain they will vote, Nikolic would win 60 percent against Jeremic’s 40 percent.

If Seselj was his opponent in the second round, Nikolic would receive 73 percent (from all respondents) while Seselj would get 27 percent.

If he squared off against Jankovic, Nikolic would get 72 percent of the vote against Jankovic’s 28 percent.

As for who they think the likely candidates will be, respondents said Nikolic (25.2 percent), Aleksandar Vucic (23.5 percent), Vojislav Seselj (9.2 percent), Ivica Dacic (5.3 percent), Vuk Jeremic (5.2 percent), Sasa Jankovic (2.2 percent), while under two percent named Boris Tadic, Cedomir Jovanovic, Dragan Sutanovac, Rasim Ljajic, and Bosko Obradovic.

The poll was conducted with participation of 600 citizens, excluding those in Kosovo and Matohija, and covered both rural and urban areas.

The pollster said this was “a representative sample of adult Serbian citizens.”

Source: Tanjug


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