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Pranjić: There is room in Srpska for all well-intentioned people


The Vice-President of Republika Srpska from among the Croatian people, Davor Pranjić, has said that it is more difficult for Croats in some parts of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina than in Republika Srpska, where, as he says, there is room for all well-intentioned people.

“In certain parts of Republika Srpska, the Croatian people are in a better position than in those parts of the FBiH where certain rulers have not yet realized that this country, and thus that entity, belongs equally to all of its nations”, Pranjić told “Glas Srpske.”

Answering the question about the different views in Bosnia and Herzegovina of the celebration of January 9 as the Day of Republika Srpska and whether he will attend ceremonies in Banjaluka, Pranjić said that it is quite normal that he, as the vice president of the Republic, participates in all ceremonies and manifestations that are legal and do not insult anyone.

“We know that there has been a legal change regarding the celebration of Republika Srpska Day, and I believe that there is nothing controversial about it today. Republika Srpska is an integral part of the Dayton Peace Agreement, and that agreement confirms the rights of us Croats to this entity and country. We cannot access Dayton selectively – we are either for Dayton and thus at the same time for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republika Srpska in it, or not”, Pranjić said.

Pranjić pointed out that his cooperation with the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, is at an enviable level, as well as that he has very good relations with the Vice-President from among the Bosniaks, Ćamilo Duraković.

When it comes to the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pranjić says that those who most cite the letter of the Dayton Agreement and who are the loudest about it approach Dayton selectively.

“We will either accept the Dayton Agreement or not. But we did accept it, it was signed and the structure of BiH rests on it. However, we cannot call an entity derogatory names if it is an integral part of that peace agreement, and at the same time demand for consistent application of other parts of that agreement”, said Pranjić.

He pointed out that he believes in the future of BiH if it is accepted as equal for all, adding that mutual respect and healthy compromises are necessary.

“I think we should stick to Dayton and be aware of the current situation and look for our way in it”, Pranjić said.


Source: srna.rs


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