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Predrag Manojlović – a fan of collecting and restoring old-timers


Not a small number of collectors of antiques and antiques, but when someone is engaged in collecting and restoring old-timers, on two and four wheels, it is a special story. One of them is Predrag Manojlović from Brezovo Polje Village near Brčko.

Collecting and restoring old engines and cars is a special love, which requires a lot of knowledge, and we would say money.

Predrag Manojlović from Brčko says that it is not a particularly expensive passion, but it requires time and patience.

Predrag bought the first engine in 1,977. It was a Tomos model, an automatic. On two wheels, Predrag says he gets everywhere.

– I was in Greece, Austria, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria. Also, I visited all the countries in the region – describes Manojlović.

For this lover of old engines and cars, new models and new technology, he says, are neither interesting nor reliable.

– I don’t buy engines at all that have air conditioning and a diagnostic connection, I only drive older vehicles. I have no idea why, they are more reliable for me – Predrag concludes.

We also learned from Predrag that each of his engines and cars has a special story and equipment.

If you want to have a special old two-wheeler for your pet, you should have all the equipment that is characteristic of driving that model, such as a helmet, goggles, jacket, pants and boots. He says everything must be authentic.




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