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Presentation of Monograph on Monuments of Republika Srpska


A monograph “Spomenicko blago Republike Srpske” /Monuments of Republika Srpska/ including 184 cultural monuments, a valuable document of the entity, as well as the European and world cultural heritage, had its promotion at the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska /ANURS/ on Monday.

ANURS President Rajko Kuzmanovic told the press the book proves that through history Republika Srpska was not an unknown country and that life was thriving there much earlier.

“That is why we gladly accepted the role of its publisher because this is a very significant and huge endeavour in the field of art,” asserted Kuzmanovic.

The historian and monograph author Ljiljana Sevo stated that the monograph encompasses the most representative monuments of all cultures in these parts, from ancient times to mid 20th century.

“I believe such summaries of our heritage can contribute to raising awareness of the importance and value of our heritage,” added Sevo.

Sevo asserted that the local heritage was in quite a poor condition and at risk and that it should be preserved in a systemic manner.

“Our cultural heritage is unique and always comparable with the world’s. This is an area where different cultures intertwined,” she said.

Director of the publishing company Pravoslavna Rec from Novi Sad Zoran Gutovic says cultural monuments are the best proof of a nation’s existence.

“What would we be as Serbs if we did not have medieval monasteries in Serbia? This book is a voice of the monuments that stand on this holy land,” said Gutovic.

The monograph “Spomenicko blago Republike Srpske” was published on Monday by ANURS and Pravoslavna Rec. It has around 600 photographs and descriptions of Srpska’s cultural and historical heritage divided into two categories – the immovable and movable cultural property.

Other speakers at the promotion included academician Drago Brankovic and historian Dragan Davidovic, and the event was attended by numerous representatives of the scientific, public and social life of Banjaluka and Republika Srpska.


Source: srna


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