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President Cvijanovic: Srpska taking safe steps forward


President of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic stated Thursday in Banjaluka that Republika Srpska is safely walking into the future and expressed the belief that January 9, the Day of the Entity will be marked solemnly and in a dignified manner.

“We are heading to the Day of Republika Srpska which is a chance to show our commitment to marking January 9 with a series of events,” Cvijanovic said at a reception marking the Day of Republika Srpska for delegations of the National Assembly, Council of Peoples, Srpska Government and Srpska representatives in the joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She pointed out that a formal event and parade as well as many other events will be organised on January 9.

“It will be a chance to show we are certain of Republika Srpska and its future and that we are happy about that day together. I am pleased that our institutions are demonstrating the capacity and ability to overcome certain problems, and we have shown we are able to constitute the government without any problems,” added Cvijanovic.

She believes the Day of Republika Srpska will be a moral direction for the time ahead.

“I am pleased with what we have achieved when it comes to the general atmosphere, stability, work of institutions, resolution of socio-economic and financial problems, and with how we dealt with certain political challenges. I will never say it is enough but it is a basis for moving forward,” said Cvijanovic.

She is pleased that after its constitution, the Government started doing its job including some new tasks and commitments, as an addition to the fact that some basic problems were resolved.

“Our citizens rightly want us to do the best we can. We are committed to doing that. It is logical that we will have different political opinions but it is important there is absolute unity in Srpska about the strategic issues and I am certain we will make it,” said Cvijanovic.

She noted that the BiH State level government needs to be formed and that it should include the people who want Srpska and its institutions to stride towards a certain and better future and voiced hope that it will be done soon.

“I am satisfied with the prime minister’s report and the dynamics which are visible, as well as the commitment to do more in business. We must not forget that we will face numerous political challenges,” said Cvijanovic.

She will try to take over the pressures related to politics so that the Government can operate without obstructions.

“I expect full support from the National Assembly because the people trust the MPs to work well. I also expect support for the activities we will carry out soon. I will try to maintain good communication with the social partners and be open for talks with local communities, too,” concluded Cvijanovic.

The reception was organised also for the delegations of the Constitutional Court of Republika Srpska, judicial bodies, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The reception is attended by delegations of entity veterans’ associations, retired generals, Association Creators of Republika Srpska, association of military pensioners of Srpska in the BiH Armed Forces, Association of Officers of the Army of Republika Srpska, and the BiH Ministry of Defence.




Source: srna


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