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President Dodik in St. Petersburg: To strengthen the interest of Russian investors in investing in Srpska


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik told SRNA that he will strive to strengthen the interest of Russian investors in investing in Srpska during the forthcoming visit to St. Petersburg, as the Russian side has always proved to be a good partner, and announced that he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

The president of Srpska has said that the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, organised under the auspices of President Putin, is the opportunity to meet with important people from economic, banking and political arena, and reminded that this is his the 12th time to attend this significant event.

“I am glad that on this occasion, I will meet with President Putin on Friday afternoon according to his official protocol, and continue talks on our cooperation. We will discuss economic, cultural and other issues. I will inform him on the current situation and thank for understanding and supporting the Dayton Accord, stabilization and international law,” Dodik has stressed in his SRNA statement.

He has stressed that he will inform the president of the Russian Federation on Srpska’s commitment to military neutrality, and will point out Republika Srpska National Assembly’s relevant Decision on military neutrality, which implies that no military alliance is acceptable.

“We will also discuss the regional situation and some global issues. Since Russia is one of the most important world’s players in the international arena, it is very important to hear Putin’s ratings on many issues from the modern world, which is in a rather messy state,” added Dodik.

He has said that the possibility of expanding cooperation should also be discussed in the meeting. “I will reiterate our position that Republika Srpska did not accept the sanctions imposed on Russia, regardless of the fact that the other part of BiH, under the pressure of the West, wanted it,” Dodik has explained.

The president of Srpska has reminded that a presentation of Republika Srpska was held in Sankt Peterburg three weeks ago, so on this occasion he will thank the leadership of this city for a good sense of partnership with Srpska that has been built for years.

Dodik has announced that he will talk with St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko on concrete projects, and reminded that the projects concerning health and culture were previously discussed.

The International Economic Forum, one of the most prestigious business events, begins tomorrow in St. Petersburg and lasts until May 26.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will open the plenary session of the International Economic Forum together with his French counterpart Emnanuel Macro and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In addition to the heads of state and government, the Economic Forum will be attended by numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps, financial and academic elites, and business communities from around the world.


Source: srna


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