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President of Serbia Vucic Arrived in Drvar


The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, arrived at Drvar, where he will first attend the opening of the Komercijalna Banka branch, and then solemnly open the plant of the well-known Serbian textile company “Jumko” from Vranje, in which one hundred inhabitants of this poor municipality will get jobs.

Vučić was greeted by hundreds of people in front of the bank, shouting “Welcome”, to which Vučić replied that he had come to open “Jumko” as he had promised and would give more money to the Health Center.

According to the protocol, the visit of the President of Serbia to the Health Center is foreseen, and after the visit, a visit to the Museum “May 25”, within which Tito’s Cave is located. Vučić also stayed in Drvar in mid-September last year and said at the time that Serbia would help the municipality of Drvar with a million euros.

Prior to Drvar, the President of Serbia visited the municipality of Mrkonjić Grad, where no Serbian President has been staying so far.

Drvar Mayor Dušica Runić told Tanjug that opening a Jumko factory in Drvar instills hope and confidence in Serbs for their survival in the FBiH returnee municipality, giving women who work there the opportunity to finally work and contribute to the home budget, and to the municipality to accelerate economic development.

She recalled that the process of returning Serbs in the municipality of Drvar began 20 years ago and that citizens, after receiving their property back and exercising human rights as returnees, now face the problem of unemployment.

– The importance of this factory is exceptional especially for the women who are currently employed, and indirectly it is of great importance for the municipality as Drvar is one of the least developed municipalities in the FBiH. So in one day, it is a piece of regional news to open 100 jobs on such occasions – Runić points out.

He said that the promised assistance immediately raised € 75,000 to cover arrears of maternity leave and one-off financial assistance to families with three or more children.

Runić said that € 925,000 was earmarked for the renovation of the Mlin business zone, where the Jumko plant is located.

A portion of the funds, the Mayor says, will be invested in the reconstruction of the water supply network with the protection of the springs, and the implementation of the project, she said, will begin this year.

In addition, funds will be used for the installation and reconstruction of public lighting, the procurement of municipal equipment, the development of urban plans, as well as the procurement of traffic signs, as well as the preparation of studies for the installation of these traffic signs.

Dušica Runić says that the Health Center has been nominated for a visit to Vucic because he has been in an extremely difficult financial situation for many years, while medical professionals are doing their profession, humanely, as they work in difficult conditions, in cold rooms, and some they have not received a salary for nine months.

Therefore, she is optimistic that Vučić’s visit will bring good news to the Drvar Health Center.




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