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Press Release: Unscrupulous discrediting and endangering the freedom of the press


The editorial board and the staff of the magazine The Srpska Times require the publisher of the publication “The destruction of Republika Srpska: Theory and Technology Coup”, to immediately and without delay erase the name of the magazine The Srpska Times from the list of “false NGOs with the mission to be on alert and to, at the cue of foreign commanders, get involved in instigating unrest and undermining the constitutional order”, as stated in the publication.

The editorial board and staff of the publication require the authors to immediately and without delay issue an official apology to the editorial staff of the magazine due to unscrupulous discrediting of the journalists and the editor, the damage done to the credibility and the image of the magazine, as well as for posing a direct threat to the magazines operations and for imposing material and non-material damage to The Srpska Times by putting it on the said list containing false and unfounded qualifications.

The Srpska Times magazine will use all legal options to protect its image, credibility, business and the rights guaranteed to it by national and international law and professional journalistic principles and standards. By protecting its credibility, The Srpska Times shall protect the credibility of professional and truthful journalism in the service of public interest as opposed to journalism in the service of stakeholders.

Furthermore, the editorial board and staff of The Srpska Times invite SNSD (on whose official website www.snsd.org the publication is available) to publicly distance themselves from the most dangerous methods of propaganda and products that threaten the image and credibility of the magazine The Srpska Times, as well as journalistic freedoms and public communication in general.

The Srpska Times is a project so far financed solely from domestic sources, from funds from Republika Srpska and not one convertible mark was directly or indirectly transferred to the publisher’s account from accounts registered outside the border of Republika Srpska.

The Srpska Times is the first English language magazine originating from Republika Srpska with the aim, priority and objective of reporting timely, verified and accurate information on the current events, processes and attitudes (official and public opinion) in Republika Srpska to the international community. Furthermore, it has the aim to increase the level of understanding between Republika Srpska and the international community, to win over the support of the international community for strategic political and economic processes in Republika Srpska, to promote its efforts in its realization of tasks and goals on the road to European integration, to better inform foreign investors of the possibilities and conditions for investment in Republika Srpska and to promote tourism, culture, sport and all other potentials possessed by Republika Srpska.


Andrea Vuković,

Editor in Chief

Magazine The Srpska Times



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