Home Politics Pressure put on Serbia “absolutely unacceptable”

Pressure put on Serbia “absolutely unacceptable”


Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says that the pressure being exerted on Serbia is “absolutely unacceptable.”
In a statement late on Wednesday, Dacic, who also serves as the first deputy prime minister, said that this pressure is made so that the country would “diplomatically speaking” harmonize its foreign policy with the EU.

“Speaking in plain Serbia, it means Serbia imposing sanctions on Russia. Serbia wants to join the EU, but will never do anything that is against our national interests. Many Western countries in international forums act as members of the so-called Friends of Kosovo group – while at the same time, we’re supposed to impose sanction on the friends of Serbia,” the statement said.

Dacic added that Serbia wants good relations with everyone, “but must not work against itself.”

“Also, big noise has been made around the humanitarian aid to Syria, which consists of cooking oil, sugar, flour, clothes, shoes, electric generators, medicines and disposable medical supplies. Who could be bothered by 84 pieces of underwear, 2,000 blankets and 661 kilograms of washing powder? We are helping the people of Syria, as we have helped others, and as we will send aid to Syria (in future) if others suggest we should,” the minister stated.

Dacic concluded by saying that “intimidating Serbia no longer works.”

“We are open for cooperation with everyone, but Serbia’s interest are above everything,” he said.

Source: Tanjug


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