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Prestigious Award for the Small Municipality of Han Pijesak


The municipality of Han Pijesak is the winner of the valuable international award “Globallocal”, for investing in the development of entrepreneurship and creating a favorable business environment.

The recognition is awarded by the International Economic Forum “Perspectives” based in Dubrovnik, and the independent International Committee “Globallocal”, which consists of 18 experts from nine countries.

This award is given to successful local communities for creating a favorable business environment in Central and Southeast Europe, which have responded to new challenges with creative solutions and measures and significantly improved the environment for sustainable development of entrepreneurship.

Despite the huge competition, out of 84 nominees with 172 nominees from Austria, BiH, Montenegro, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia, the municipality of Han Pijesak received the award.

The mayor of this municipality, Vlado Ostojić, said that this was a great recognition for him as the mayor and the municipality, “which was unrecognizable only four years ago, not only in the region but also in BiH”.

– We have made significant efforts, put public companies on their feet, settled obsolete debts, created a good environment for investment, and thus directed Han Pijesak in the direction of development. When I became the head of the municipality in 2016, Han Pijesak had short-term obligations of 950,000 KM, long-term obligations of 350,000 KM, and except for 2017, we managed to operate positively all these years – Ostojić pointed out.

In addition to this significant recognition, Han Pijesak recently received a positive opinion and assessment from the auditors, which, as Ostojić says, is an incredible leap for an environment that has stagnated for decades.

– LRC d.o.o. Sarajevo, as the oldest and largest company in BiH, awarded the crown of economic development for the municipality of Han Pijesak – adds the mayor.

A good environment for investments has been created in this municipality, which is the result of the best assessment for the financial statements and for compliance with the laws.

The awards ceremony will be held in Dubrovnik in March next year, and over 200 representatives are expected to attend.




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