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Prestigious US Magazine ranked National Park “Sutjeska”


The National Park Sutjeska will attract a lot of attention this year. The prestigious US magazine Gear patrol ranked National Park “Sutjeska” among the 25 world destinations to visit in 2018.

Thus, the oldest park in BiH found itself among the world’s leading destinations in Russia, Japan, Chile, Spain, the US, Thailand and other world countries.

Sutjeska, together with the Montenegrin coast, was selected as one of the most attractive places in the six countries of the Western Balkans, and this newspaper compares it with the US Yosemite National Park that is located in California and recommended by tourists worldwide.

Classification among the world’s top destinations in this park was welcomed as a privilege, as well as a confirmation that they are more determined and confirmed on the tourist map of Europe and the world. They expect that this acknowledgment will cause an even greater visit of the oldest park in BiH.

A large arrangement of the largest national park in BiH – “Sutjeska” is taking place at the moment.

The old glow will be also returned to “concrete relics”, including the large monument, which has been neglected for a long period of time.

The large monument was created back in 1971, and it has been recorded as one of the most beautiful in the world.

After the first three phases of renovation and cleaning, which are financed by the Government of the RS, it got its original white color back.

Director of the National Park “Sutjeska” Dejan Pavlovic noted that the fourth phase will include the process of conservation and covering the monument with a special type of silicone that will protect it for the next thirty years.

Take a Virtual Walk through National Park Sutjeska

The oldest and largest park in BiH, National Park Sutjeska, attracts a lot of attention with its natural beauty and history, and Denis Basic from Tuzla allows you to walk through this pearl of nature, at least virtually, through his 360 degrees photos.

National Park Sutjeska was established in 1962 and includes a reserve Perucica, parts of the mountain Maglic, Volujak, Vucevo and Zelengora. Since 2000, it has been included in the second category of goods of the Department of the UN for protection of the environment and natural resources.

We know the author of virtual tours through Sutjeska, Denis Basic, as one of the authors of time lapse made in Mostar in 4K, and towers above Gradina Srebrenik in the promotional film “Bosnia Timeless”.


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