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Prijedor – a city of artists, festivals, rich history, sports (PHOTO/VIDEO)


Prijedor and its surroundings have been richly endowed by nature. On the one hand, there is the river Sana, which, legend has it, was named after the Latin word for health; on the other hand, the mountain is Kozara. Both affordable and tame. It is a city of artists, festivals, rich history, sports.

The pearl of Prijedor is Kozara, an air spa, unique in the speed of regeneration of red blood cells. There are numerous activities that visitors can practice on this mountain – hiking, mountaineering, recreational and sports cycling, skiing, hunting, camping. The best ways to get to know mountain Kozara are hiking and cycling.

– If we are talking about groomed mountain bike trails, then we are talking about some 60 kilometers of groomed mountain bike trails, for those who do it professionally, and for those who are recreational, then it may be about 20 kilometers of trails, which are easy affordable and not too strenuous for recreational users. If, after all, we are talking about hiking trails, we have about 25 kilometers of groomed hiking trails – said Dragan Romčević, director of the Kozara National Park.

The river Sana is another jewel of Prijedor. Stress and anxiety disappear on its shores. The name of the river comes from the Latin word for health. Legend has it that the wounds of the soldiers of the Roman Empire healed faster after bathing in Sanaa. In addition, the animal world is very rich.

Sana has a fantastic temperature in summer, ie optimal for swimming, so that people from other parts when they come to Sana can’t believe that when they see those fantastic rapids up on Žeger, that beautiful tufa overgrown with moss, grass, and at the same time water very pleasant for bathing, even the only one of these waters, in which you can let small children go without any problems, will not catch a cold. Sana has very specific biodiversity, there are 34 species of fish, of which 29 are permanent – said Roman Ostojić, a fisherman.

Prijedor is called the city of painters. The two first educated painters in BiH are from Prijedor, and the first solo painting exhibition in BiH was organized in this city. Its facades are adorned with seven murals.

– In addition to the Kozara Museum, which has a fairly large collection of artists from Prijedor, and others certainly, I would mention the Memorial House of the Stojanović family, where there is a permanent exhibition, among other things, of Sreten Stojanović, our, perhaps the most important sculptor and painter. I will mention only one, and that is the “Portrait of a Mother” from 1920, which was made in bronze. There are two castings, one is with us, one is in the permanent exhibition of the Louvre in Paris – stated Aleksa Milić, curator of the Kozara Museum.

Prijedor is also a city of theater, music and sports. It hosts international theater and choir festivals, as well as two pop-rock music festivals. Near it there is a ski resort with a ski lift, suitable for all ages. The gastronomic offer is rich, and the most prominent is the plum brandy because Potkozarja is an ideal place for plum growing. So, from a drop of plum brandy and a barbecue along with the Sana, through adrenaline adventures on Kozara, to historical heritage and art, whatever your choice, a return to the city on the Sana will be – inevitable.




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