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Prijedor – the city of murals


Prijedor is unique in the Balkans in the number of academic artists born in this city. The first Bosnian prominent painters are originally from Prijedor and one of the first exhibitions of paintings in our national history of arts were held in Prijedor.

The project Project titled “Prijedor – mural city” in the framework of this project, which aims to brand Prijedor as the City of Arts, is established an international annual award for the best mural. In addition to the award, the winning mural will be painted in some of the selected facades in the town of Prijedor.

Prijedor is working more then a decade with the Italian city of Trento and Autonomous Province of Trentino. This cooperation continued on the project “Prijedor – mural city.” The first mural was painted in Prijedor by the Trentino mural painter Paola de Manincor (Lavis) on Electrotechnical School in 1998 with the support of the City of Trento.
In honor of this artist, in honor of a decade long cooperation between Prijedor and Trento, and in the glory of Fine Arts, Association of Artists of Prijedor established an award named: The annual international award “Paola de Manincor” for the best mural in Prijedor.




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