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Prijedor, the City of the Mural: Super Mario – a return to a carefree childhood!


That Prijedor is one large outdoor gallery,  proof is the new sixth mural, which should be painted on the terrace of the building at the entrance to Prijedor, by the end of this month.

The new mural is the largest visual attraction within the project “Prijedor – the City of the Mural”. This is also the only such project in Southeast Europe, which aims to brand Prijedor as a city of painters and mural.

In competition for this year’s Paola de Manincor Award for the selection of the best mural in Prijedor, in addition to 20 submitted papers, out of which 5 were rated invalid,  won the work  “Gaym on” by author Ljubisa Pusac.

“I did not expect it, I was hoping, as well as every participant that my work would be won, and that is the purpose of the contest. The facade of the building for this year’s mural is very demanding, as far as the conceptual solution is concerned. These are the external surfaces of the balcony, and the space itself is broken into five elongated parts. So, at the beginning, artists are limited by the very surface and have to adapt, which greatly diminishes on creativity and freedom of expression. I think that this is also the reason for a weaker response to the competition, “Pusac told.

“A game that many returns to childhood – Super Mario” was just an inspiration to the author for the creation of this mural.

“From the beginning, it was clear to me that an ornamental approach to these surfaces was imposed as a solution, but the very purpose of the ornament is decorative and nothing else, something that will be of little interest to the eye, I wanted to change something to give a new layer to that story. I came to the face of the place and stood in front of the building, began to look from the left to the right to see the 23 meter long surface of the balcony, I realized that the whistling tune of the familiar game. That was it. The game is a background of mostly ornamental nature, hills, bushes, clouds etc. The idea was that the mural from the distance, because of the relatively small elements, is decorative, and from its vicinity opens its new layer stretching through the nostalgia. A game that many of us returns to a carefree childhood”, Pušac told.

He adds that the name of the “Game on” mural is actually his homage to gamers, because Prijedor, in addition is the city of the murals, but also and  “gamers”.

“The name” Game on” or, let’s play, we start with the game, it’s a little complicated to explain.” Prijedor is the city of “gamers”. What is not bad, my work is my homage to gamers, and partly, the mural is dedicated to them “, said the author.

The painting of the new, sixth murals has already begun, and the ending is expected by the end of this month.






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