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Prime Minister Cvijanovic met with Director of the IPA Adriatic Programme, Paola Di Salvatore


Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic met yesterday in Banjaluka with Director of the Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic Programme, Paola Di Salvatore.

Prime Minister Cvijanovic stated after the meeting that Republic of Srpska has taken part in the IPA Adriatic Programme for several years now which brought many benefits for many regions in the area of Adriatic sea and thanked Director Di Salvatore for good cooperation.

“I want to thank the Italian region of Abruzzo which became a leader in such a major programme which joined several countries and many regions”, Prime Minister said and added that many public institutions, universities, private companies and non-governmental entities such as associations and organizations have been active beneficiaries of this Programme and used certain advantages through realization of various projects.

“Today we discussed how to continue our cooperation in future. We are very satisfied with this Programme having noted that it is important to develop all its dimensions through our future activities”, Prime Minister Cvijanovic said.

The Prime Minister further said that Republic of Srpska was committed to future integration and that this IPA Adriatic Programme were exactly the living programmes that could be helpful for all in BiH.

“We are at present speaking about Republic of Srpska and its institutions moving on the European path but also being able to take the opportunity on the European path to realize many useful European projects”, Prime Minister said having added that one of the subjects of the meeting was how to facilitate absolute regularity in using the projects of European funds and to foster cooperation of Republic of Srpska and other regions within the European Union.

Director of the Managing Authority of the IPA Adraitic Programme, Paola Di Salvatore thanked Prime Minister Cvijanovic for hospitality and said it was a great honor for her to visit the Republic of Srpska.  

“My presence here today is a confirmation of a strong dialogue which started in L’Aquilla where relevant European structures were present including the Chairman of the European Parliament, Antonio Taiani. Today is very important day for strengthening the dialogue across borders”, Ms Salvatore said and pointed out she was honored by the fact that the dialogue on European cohesion policies was established which common aim is dialogue and joint communication.

“Socio-economic development of Republic of Srpska should be unified and should be based on European standards as we had already discussed before”, Ms Salvatore said.  

Director of the Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic Programme further stated that Republic of Srpska should have a clear role in Adriatic-Ionian Strategies and that she would work on spreading the notion about the importance of this Strategy and readiness of the Republic of Srpska for future cooperation.

The meeting with Prime Minister Cvijanovic was preceded by the meeting with the Government Ministers during which concrete strategies related to energy, development of circular economy, environment, European cohesion and other strategic matter have been discussed.

“I am more than happy to be here today to confirm in public your strong political determination and commitment of the Republic of Srpska and its Government within future European initiatives which focus on struggle against corruption and all other types of frauds and irregularities”, Ms. Di Salvatore said.  



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