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Prime Minister Cvijanovic spoke with IMF Chief of Mission for BiH, Nadeem Ilahi in Washington D.C.


 Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, met in Washington yesterday with Chief of Mission of the International Monetary Fund for BiH, Nadeem Ilahi, prior to the Executive Board meeting due to take place on the 9th of February.

During the meeting the interlocutors pointed to the necessity of preserving the arrangement with the IMF especially with relation to its connectivity to the Reform Agenda and in view of the challenges which the election year shall bring.

Prime Minister Cvijanovic stated the readiness of the Government of the Republic of Srpska to continue with fulfillment of the conditions defined by the Letter of Intent and expressed expectations that other governance levels in BiH would act in the same way.

It is expected that following the IMF Executive Board meeting, a disbursement of a BAM 145 million tranche to BiH would be made. Out of that amount. 50 million shall be designated for the Republic of Srpska.

Prime Minister thanked the IMF representatives for fair cooperation that the Government had with this international financial institution and for personal effort of the Chief of IMF mission, Mr. Nadeem Ilahi and his team members in overcoming certain crisis situations in the previous period in the course of realization of the IMF arrangement.  


Source: vladars


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