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Prime Minister donates on behalf of the Government BAM 30,000 to Home for Children without Parental Care in Banja Luka


Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković visited the Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care “Rada Vranjesevic” in Banja Luka on the occasion of marking the Children’s Week and donated on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Srpska BAM 30,000.00 intended for the improvement of living conditions in this institution.

The Prime Minister said that with the assistance of the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the funds donated by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Rada Vranjesevic Home will also get a kindergarten which would help in connecting the children in Home with other children from the city while the institution would also provide additional funds.

The Government of Republic of Srpska provided BAM 100,000 for the construction of the kindergarten whereas the Republic of Serbia provided € 100,000.

Prime Minister Višković also said that a grant will be provided in the 2020 Budget for Rada Vranješević Home through the line Ministry which would enable this institution to focus fully on the children and their education in this facility.

Prime Minister Višković said this institutions, its management and staff had his full support.

“Children without parental care who are here look for new love and new family and connect with the people working here and they are, after all, their new family and their new parents”,  Prime Minister said and added that the Home accommodates children of all ages.

“They also have a graduate student who is now an intern. Personally, I will see to it to help this young man to get a job because it is a good way for other children to see that with hard work and dedication they can create their own lives and become people who contribute to the development of the Republic of Srpska”, Prime Minister emphasized.

Director of the Rada Vranješević Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care Vladimir Kajkut said that the Government as the founder of this institution continuously helps the work of this institutions and the donation would be used to improve the living conditions of the children.

“In the future, we intend to transform this institution. On St. Nicholas Day, we will open a kindergarten for children from the Home but also from the community for the purpose of inclusion in the local community”, Director said and added that 70 children are accommodated in the Home at the moment and the capacity is 120 children.

Mr. Kajkut further said that by the end of the year they would start other social care services, including counseling for those in the Home and their relatives and would also work on opening  a shelter for children who are victims of domestic violence.


Source: vladars.net


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