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Prime Minister of Srpska Provided Assistance to the Most Vulnerable Citizens During the Holidays (PHOTO)


Numerous examples of donations, as well as amendments to the laws that would enable this, implemented during the current term of Prime Minister Radovan Višković, show that the protection of the most vulnerable categories of society is one of the priorities of the Government of Republic of Srpska, and social care and provision of basic living conditions for all citizens is its constant concern.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska has repeatedly shown his humane side during his term of office.

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Prime Minister paid special attention to multi-member socially disadvantaged families and single mothers with sick children, sending 26 solutions in the amount of 500 KM in the form of one-time financial assistance.

Touched by difficult living conditions and living in a house without electricity and a bathroom spent by an eleven-member Đuričić family from Velika Sočanica near Derventa, Višković decided to give the family who became wealthier for another, youngest member of Damjan on January 3, who is also the first baby born in Derventa to receive one-time financial assistance.










The money allocated will help the family overcome the difficult financial situation and allow the lamp to shine again in their home after years of darkness, lawsuits and foreclosure.

– This help means a lot to us because it allowed me and my family to have a home. We lived in an old and unfinished home, built 35 years ago. Because of the 2008 debt, we didn’t even have electricity in the house, but now it’s settled. The house is currently being renovated and we expect the works to be completed by the end of January – said Vladimir Đuričić from Velika Sočanica near Derventa.








Thanks to the Prime Minister of Srpska, Duško Stojanović from Šešlija near Doboj also welcomed the holidays in his new conditional home. Duško is a single father of two sons, who so far has lived in a rugged house without a bathroom and basic living conditions.

The laughter and family warmth of the seven-member Ceranić family from Sokolovići near Sokolac were particularly pleased with the Prime Minister, who provided financial assistance to the family, while three-month-old Jovica, two-year-old Slađana, nine-year-old Aleksandra and two-year-older Aleksandar and oldest Gordana were pleased with the prepared New Year’s packages. They were donated by the Government of Republic of Srpska in addition to the donation.

– Thanks to Prime Minister Višković, who donated 3000 KM, my husband will be able to continue the treatment. In addition, we were promised by the Government that they would participate in the construction of a new house in the spring, and they were treating the children with packages during the holidays. This help means a lot to us and on this occasion, I want to thank the Prime Minister and all the people who helped us – said Blaženka Ceranić from Sokolovići near Sokolac.










Not forgotten this year are the children from the Parent House, and in addition to the packages, the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Srpska provide all necessary support in the functioning of the Parent House and the activities carried out by the Iskra and Mladica Association.



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