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Prime Minister of Srpska: The Company “Dermal” Example to Many in Srpska (PHOTO)


The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, stated today that the company “Dermal” from Kotor Varoš is an example to many in Srpska because it successfully survives on the domestic and European market and at the same time increases the volume of production and the number of employees.

”This family company is one of the large business entities in Srpska, they have 1,080 employees in the municipalities of Kotor Varoš and Kneževo and I responsibly say that the Government will be at their service to facilitate production, because that is the only way we can build our Republic”, said Višković after visiting the new production plant of this footwear factory.

He added that “Dermal” is one of the few companies that did not turn for help to the institutions of Srpska during the coronavirus pandemic, and that they did everything under theirown.

A member of the board of “Dermal”, Stefan Bubić, thanked the Prime Minister for his support and said that the new hall connects the two existing “Dermal” production plants.

”Now we have an integrated production complex of 7,000 square meters. We have made a technological reorganisation, significantly improved working conditions and created conditions for a new increase in production volume”, Bubić emphasized.

The mayor of Kotor Varoš, Zdenko Sakan, emphasized that the municipality has excellent cooperation with this company.

”Thanks to ”Dermal”, our local community is one of the municipalities with the lowest unemployment rate and the company will always have our full support”, said Sakan.

“Dermal” in Kotor Varoš currently employs 800 workers and owns 15,000 square meters of production facilities.

The company, in addition to making its own products, uses a large part of its capacity for service business, and produces finished and semi-finished footwear for foreign partners.




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