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Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković opens the Plant for Bio-Mass and Pellets Production in Dobrun near Višegrad


Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković officially opened 29 September 2019, a wood processing plant for production of biomass and pellets in Dobrun near Višegrad in which Zlatar Šped, a family-owned company from Serbia has invested over a million euros.

Prime Minister Višković thanked the investors and said that Republika Srpska and Serbia can sustain and defend themselves only if they stay connected economically.

Prime Minister Višković noted that certain legal solutions which have been enacted recently would encourage investments in Republika Srpska such as the ones that all investors are exempt from tax on  the investment in production equipment in addition to provision that allows a refund of the wage increase for the amount of contributions.

“The emphasis is on the real sector, on employment and the fact that cannot be denied that the employment in Republika Srpska is increasing day by day”, the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Višković emphasized that Republika Srpska is taking care of all its citizens and would continue to do so stressing that the number of people with employment in Republika Srpska is 265,000 which is the largest number so far.

Prime Minister Višković urged the investors to continue investing in Republika Srpska.

The Director and owner of ‘Zlatar Šped’ Factory, Danko Pušičić expressed hope that this investment would be a good example to be followed by other businessmen from Serbia and that in the coming period there would be more such investments in the Republika Srpska.

“There are currently 50 people employed, we have not drawn the line yet and shall not stop investing. Additional funds will be invested in the finalization of the existing production and another 30 people should be employed”, Pušičić said and thanked Prime Minister Višković, the  Government and the Mayor of Visegrad for their support and expressed confidence that successful cooperation would continue.

The Mayor of Visegrad, Mladen Djurovic, said that the employment of 50 people means a lot to this small municipality and that he was especially glad to hear there will be new employment.

He said that construction of this factory restored confidence that Visegrad can be a prosperous municipality and one of significant local communities in the economic sense.

“This is an indicator of how a local community, with the support of the Government and with the interest of investors, especially from Serbia, can come up with a project like this”, Djurevic said.

The Mayor also said that in the past two years, four similar facilities have been opened in the municipality of Visegrad that employ more than 100 people and that this local community has shown that it can and knows how to attract investors.

“We helped the owners of this company with the infrastructure and showed that we can cope with it and we are proud of it. We annually allocate funds through the budget to support similar projects in the construction of infrastructure, water supply, electricity, lighting, to help those  who want to invest in this municipality”, Djurevic said.

Mr. Djurević thanked the Government of Republika Srpska and Prime Minister Višković for showing that they were supporting all local communities in Republika Srpska and all investors with good intentions investing in Republika Srpska.

Source: vladars.net


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