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Prime Minister Višković at ‘Invest Forum’ – Republic of Srpska is desirable destination for foreign and domestic investors


Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković said that organizing of the first “Invest Forum” in Banja Luka was a proof that Republic of Srpska was absolutely not in isolation and blockade, but on the contray that it was a desirable destination for foreign and domestic investors.

During his speech, Prime Minister said that certain stereotypes should be destroyed and invited the investors to take advantage of the opportunity to invest in the Republic under very favorable conditions, referring to favorable tax policy, geographic position, incentives for the economy and technological development, low energy prices, etc.

“Republic of Srpska is absolutely ready for foreign investors. Our tax policy is the most favorable in Europe and beyond, we support businessmen and cooperate with them on the plan to increase wages and to keep workers in these areas”,  Prime Minister said and added that it was an advantage for investors since numerous Government decisions support and unburden investors and businessmen, including tax and contribution refunds for newly employed workers.

“I am glad that foreign investors are on an equal footing with domestic investors, and that they are all welcome. I do not accept the thesis of cheap labor, because we have a professional, qualified and good workforce that can contribute to investments and to which we can adapt the domestic education system in terms of training of workers”,  Prime Minister said.

At the “Invest Forum” in Banja Luka, attended by more than 300 businessmen from 20 countries, Višković welcomed investors and invited them to invest in energy projects, that focus on gas, solar and hydro-energy, as well as agriculture.

According to him, one of major advantages is that Republic of Srpska, has excess electricity, which allows it to offer investors competitive prices for energy not to mention that a company can be registered in Srpska within just a few days.

“I shall reiterate that all investors are welcome in Republic of Srpska, we will be your partner and you will not make a mistake if you invest here”, Prime Minister Višković said in his welcomng speech at the first “Invest Forum” organized by the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the Investment and Development Bank (IRB) of Republic of Srpska.

Source: vladars.net


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