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Prime Minister Viskovic attends the signing of the agreement on construction of the first phase of the highway along the Vc Corridor in the Republic of Srpska


Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Viskovic attended today (20 March 2019) the signing of the agreement on construction of the first phase of the highway on the route of the VC Corridor through the Republic of Srpska between the ‘Johovac'(Tovira) Interchange and ‘Rudanka’ (Kostajnica) Interchange.

This section shall connect The 9th of January Highway with the city of Doboj and in the second phase would continue to the south toward the entity boundary line with the Federation of BiH.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska expressed satisfaction with regard to the agreement signed and thanked the contractors, the companies “Integral Engineering” and “Granit” for the works done on the network of motorways in the Republic of Srpska.

“This Agreement is significant for the Republic so we could proceed with construction of highways and thus put our construction industry in operation in the upcoming period which is a  precondition for increasing GDP and raising average wages”, Prime Minister Viskovic said and added that the activities related to the construction of motorways foreseen in the program of the government have been realized within the planned dynamics.

Prime Minister Viskovic highlighted that a building permit was obtained from the Croatian side for construction of the bridge over the Sava River in Gradiska.

“Once we open and connect the road in Gradiška with the bridge and once we are connected in Raca with the Belgrade-Zagreb highway, our highway will have sufficient number of users and will be economically viable” the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska said.

The Prime Minister further stated that the Government of the Republic of Srpska would define the route of the highway in Bijeljina area in order to start with expropriation having reminded of the announcement of Serbia to start construction of the section of motorway between Kuzmin and Raca in June.

Prime Minister Viskovic stressed that the Government of Republic of Srpska shall comply with all procedures in order to carry out activities on the construction of the highway according to the plan.

Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Srpska Nedjo Trninic also expressed his satisfaction with signing the Agreement for construction of the first phase of the “Corridor Vc” through the Republic of Srpska.

“We have decided and chose to build the network of highways and changed our priorities and expedite activities to connect Republic of Srpska with Belgrade so that from Banja Luka the highway runs to Doboj, Brcko, Bijeljina and further towards Belgrade”, Minister Trninić said.

According to Minister Trninic, the contract for the construction of the first phase worth 70 million euros was signed today and that a grant in the amount of 20 percent out of 14 million euros will be provided through the Western Balkan Investment Framework (WBIF).

“We are also finalizing the activities with regard to closing of the financial structure for the second phase of the Vc Corridor through the Republic of Srpska from the Rudanka Interchange  to the entity line,” Minister Trninić said and expressed his satisfaction that the Republic of Srpska, with its capacities was able to realize those complex projects.

The Director of the “Autoputevi Republike Srpske” public enterprise Dusan Topic has emphasized the importance of signing the Agreement primarily because it represented the beginning of the construction of the Vc Corridor in the Republic of Srpska.

,,This is the first out of four phases of construction planned. The next phase is the section from Kostajnica toward south up to the Putnikovo brdo and the boundary line with the Federation of BiH and the fourth phase of construction from Tovira in the north through Podnovlje up to Vukosavlje”, Mr. Topic said and reiterated the importance of this project as a continuity in construction of the network of highways in the Republic of Srpska that generates new employment and trade.

“This is one of the projects announced for spring, the first phase of the Vc Corridor and the bridge over the Sava river near Gradiška. Those projects are important because of the continuity while we are making final preparations for bigger projects. The priority is to get organized and put all pieces together, primarily the financing model for continuation of building the section from Doboj through Vukosavlje and Brcko to Bijeljina and Raca, i.e. the border with Serbia”, Mr. Topić said.

Managing Director of Integral Engineering, Slobodan Stankovic stated that today’s signing was significant since a long desired Doboj – Vukosavlje – Brcko – Bijeljina route had been achieved and that they would continue to work and build in full capacity.

“All preconditions have been created so that we will soon begin to work on the route. Our partner on this project as before is the “Granit” company which has a record of successful cooperation with us. We have built around 100 km of highways”, Stankovic said.

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