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Prime Minister Višković opens the new plant of the thermoelectric equipment factory in Lopare


​Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković opened on Sunday a new plant of the ‘Termoelektro oprema’ factory and laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new production facility of this plant.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the opening of this new facility saying that this plant would in the next two years employ 50 new workers and that it was a good reason to support the business activities of this company that employs workers, builds new facilities and has plans for new investments.

“The intention of this Company is to triple the number of employees in the coming period, but more importantly, the employees of this company do not leave, they are satisfied with the working conditions and their average salaries are over one thousand BAM”, Prime Minister said and added this company was an example of how serious business enterprises should behave.

According to the Prime Minister, the products of this Company are extraordinary and its production are rare in the region.

Prime Minister Višković expressed belief that the Company would develop further in the future and emphasized that the Government would support realization of its business ideas.

Prime Minister Višković emphasized that the Government of Republic of Srpska was continuously supporting undeveloped municipalities throughout the Republic of Srpska and that since  2006, over 29 million BAM have been invested in Lopare municipality on various grounds and would continue assisting this municipality and its development.

The majority owner of the company “Termoelektro oprema” Ilija Stjepanovic said that the factory currently employs 56 workers and that the plan was to employ 100 by the end of the year.

“We intend to have up to 150 workers in the course of the next year. We want to develop and pay  utmost attention to human resources and our goal is to recruit as many people as possible”. Stjepanovic said.

The Factory in Lopare produces mechanical equipment for the needs of the energy sector and process industries, including companies “Arcelor Mittal” from Zenica, thermal power plants “Gacko” and “Ugljevik”, the “Sodaso” company in Lukavac and 60 percent of its products are exported to foreign markets.

Mayor of Lopare Rado Savic said it was important that there were several projects that would be implemented in this local community together with the Government and that he was happy to have the opportunity to talk about this with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković.

“There would be joint projects in the fields of agriculture, metal industry and tourism”, Mr.  Savic said and added that that the plan was to build the outdoor vacation center Busija and a major cold storage facility that could cover the needs of the entire region of Majevica.

“Undeveloped municipalities should be supported even more because it is more difficult for them to reach and attract investors” Savic said adding that the Republic of Srpska should give greater incentives to investors who invest in undeveloped municipalities.

The opening of the new facility in Lopare was also attended by the Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević.

Source: vladars.net


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