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“Pristina wanted to eavesdrop on phones across Serbia”


During the last round of Kosovo talks in Brussels representatives of Kosovo Albanians tried unsuccessfully to obtain the access to the Telekom Srbija system.

This would have enabled them to eavesdrop on citizens’ phones across Serbia, said Director of the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric.

Djuric was speaking for the TV Most broadcaster in Zvecan, northern Kosovo, when said that the Albanians’ request to have access to Serbia’s telecommunications company “did not pass” and that in this respect, Belgrade’s position met with the understanding of the mediator in the talks – i.e., the EU.

According to Djuric, Pristina demanded access to Telekom’s system – “something that would allow them to jeopardize the security, to eavesdrop on our phones in a legal manner.”

“I do not doubt there are those who are trying to illegally wiretap the phones of citizens in this region, since we know that various security and para-security structures are active. They wished to secure this not only for Kosmet (Kosovo and Metohija), but also for central Serbia,” he said.

Of course, such a thing was impossible to consider, said the official, recalling that the Kosovo Albanians in the last round of talks on telecommunications wanted to sign the assets of Telekom Srbija to over to the Kosovo telecommunication operator, “and then lease our equipment to us.”

In this way, Djuric said, the Albanians want to build a precedent that would later be copied to Trepca, Brezovica and other Serbian property they want to appropriate.

He said that despite this there were still many issues on which the positions of Belgrade and Pristina moved closer during the last round, noting in this regard that Telekom will be registered for the entire territory of Kosovo.

Also, Djuric said, rates will remain the same, and no “special call codes” will be used in the future when dialing other parts of Serbia from Kosovo – “therefore, the numeration remains the same in the future, something that experts have found a solution for.”

Source: Tanjug


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