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Products from Teslic throughout Europe


The Municipality of Teslic is one of the preferred municipalities for investment in B&H. It was recently voted among the ten most attractive locations for foreign investors in this part of Europe by the FDI magazine. The municipality contains three business zones Borje, Lunar and Zarkovacko Polje.

All business areas have well-provided access, electricity, water, wastewater, solid waste disposal options, telecommunications structure and transport infrastructure within the zone.

The price of land in the business zones is very favorable and stands at 1 KM per m2 to raise industrial capacities.

Milan Milicevic, Mayor of the Municipality of Teslic, says that in “today’s times of grayness and ugly news” it is an honor to be part of a positive story in B&H.

He says that a combination of tradition, natural resources and a motivated workforce, together with the geographic location, make Teslic interesting for foreign investors, thus the potential is enormous, from sawmill processing of wood, through final processing of wood, to the production of wooden furniture.

He points out that Teslic has an advantage of investing in this industry primarily due to large and diverse forest resources, as well as qualified and affordable workforce.


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