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Prokosko lake is hidden paradise you need to explore


Hidden on the Vranica Mountain, through the history known as the hiding place of hajduks (outlaws), is located the magical natural amphitheater of the Prokosko Lake.

The mountain eye, as many people still like to call it, is located at the site that is 22 kilometers away from Fojnica, at an altitude of 1635 meters above the sea level.

The lake belongs to the glacial type of lakes and several springs with pure water are flowing into this lake, and, apart from its beautiful fairy tale surroundings, what makes this area so special is the fact that it is a home to the endemic subspecies of Triton.

Just because of this resident, Triturus alpestris reiseria, which was named after its finder Ornithologist at the National Museum of BiH in Sarajevo, the basin of Prokosko Lake was protected by law since the year of 1954.

Lake and its surroundings were declared as a regional park of nature back in 1982. They became a zone of a strict protection, and the area was also declared as the monument of nature in 2005.

The mountain lodge Jezernica is located half way from Fojnica to Prokosko Lake, where you can take a rest from the ride. From there you can continue your trip on rented bikes, or go hiking on a marked hiking trail or go by your car.

source: Radio Sarajevo


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