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Protect Serbian churches in Kosovo and Metohija from desecration


The Serb List party appeals to the international community to resolutely protect the Serbian churches in Kosovo and Metohija after a broadcasting of a video clip that Albanian singer Albana Azizi recorded in the Saint Nichola’s Church on a fortress at Novo Brdo.

The party points out that it will inform the UNESCO and other international organisations engaged in the protection of cultural and religious monuments, as well as the whole Christian world about those vandal attacks.

“The desecration of holy objects and buildings of the Serbian Orthodox Church shows a shameless behaviour which treats the Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija in a deeply insulting manner,” reads a Serb List press release.

The press release recalls that the Church of Jesus Christ the Saviour in Priština was also subjected to a series of vandal acts which culminated with the recording of a video clip /by Era Istrefi/.

The Politika daily reports today that the Radio and Television of self-declared Kosovo airs Azizi’s video in primetime slots, and that Albanians are not bothered by it even though both them and the Catholic community in Kosovo lay claim to the Saint Nichola’s Church.

The newspaper reports that, on the other hand, the church is a holy building for the Serbian Orthodox Church and that a charter was laid in its foundations, that there is no desecration in Orthodoxy and that “once built, a church always remains a church”.


Source: srna


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