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Providing Accurate and Timely Information in Crisis Situation Important


Media coverage can be crucial in crisis situations through providing public with accurate, comprehensive and timely information, concluded Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović and Prime Minister Radovan Višković at today’s meeting with the representatives of the largest commercial media outlets, public services and news agencies.
The meeting participants assessed that media professionals can contribute positively to crisis prevention or resolution, adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards, the Republika Srpska President’s Public Relations Bureau announced.

During the talks, it was pointed to the necessity of taking preventive measures in order to more efficiently protect media outlets employees, while media representatives are informed that the institutions of Srpska are taking the necessary measures and preferring usage of modern technologies in order to ensure a smooth and safe work for journalists.

Participants of the meeting discussed the epidemiological situation in Srpska caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the measures and activities undertaken by the institutions, and the contribution of the media with the aim of accurately, timely and professionally informing citizens in these extraordinary circumstances.


Source: SRNA


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