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Public revenues are rising again


Data on the collection of public revenues in RS for the ten days of June are encouraging because significant growth is evident, which indicates the stabilization of collection, and which was mostly influenced by the measures of the Government of Srpska adopted during the crisis caused by the coronavirus, said the Director of the Tax Administration of RS Goran Maričić.

He emphasized that 78.8 million KM of public revenues were collected in ten days of June, which is 8.8 million KM or 13 percent more than in the same period last year.

– Since the beginning of June, we have recorded an increase in the collection of income tax by 18 percent, contributions by 16 percent, and other public revenues by seven percent. It is obvious that after the fall in the collection of public revenues in March, April and May, the situation stabilizes, which was certainly influenced by the measures of the RS Government – said Maričić.

Observed since the beginning of the year, 1.037 billion KM was collected, which is six percent less than in the same period last year.

– Direct taxes were collected in the amount of 193.4 million KM or 57.2 million marks less, while other public revenues were collected in the amount of 153.8 million KM, which is 11 percent less. However, the collection of contributions in this period recorded an increase of 6.3 million marks, which shows that the measures of the RS Government had significant effects because it is obvious that there was no mass dismissal of workers – said Maričić.

He emphasized that from March 16 to June 11, 21,897 workers were deregistered in RS, while in the same period, 17,172 newly employed workers were registered on the basis of insurance, which is treated as employment.

– Among the deregistered workers is a large number of employees in public institutions, companies and other companies that were not subject to measures of prohibition or restriction of work, and their normal business was not endangered due to the appearance of the coronavirus in RS. Also, among the newly employed workers, a certain number was deregistered at the end of March, April or May, and then re-registered at the beginning of next month, because their employment status was regulated for a certain period of time – said Maričić.

He reminded that the Tax Administration of RS processed all the received complete requests of legal entities and entrepreneurs for the payment of the minimum salary for April and the payment of contributions to that salary.

– So far, a total of requests for the amount of around 26 million KM for more than 35,000 workers have been processed for April, and we have forwarded those data to the RS Ministry of Finance, which makes payments from the RS Compensation Fund – said Maricic and added that all requests from legal entities Entrepreneurs who did not meet the conditions should be forwarded to the competent ministries, which will decide whether they meet the conditions under the Regulation on the allocation of funds to economic entities in order to remedy the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for April 2020.

Goran Maričić stated that at the beginning of June, they called on all taxpayers who were banned from performing activities in May to submit requests for payment of taxes and contributions or the lowest salary, depending on the duration of the ban on performing activities in May 2020.

– We have received a number of requests from taxpayers for May 2020, and after receiving the lists from the competent ministries, we will process them with the aim of bringing this work to an end as soon as possible – said Maričić.




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