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Public works project “Together to employment” successfully implemented


Over the past four months, 30 workers from socially vulnerable categories, including 10 women, became employed within the scope of project dubbed “Together to employment”, which was successfully implemented in Foča. The aim of the project was to provide temporary employment, via public works, to long-term unemployed persons from socially vulnerable categories.

These people worked on the cleaning and landscaping of the banks of rivers Drina and Čehotina within the town zone, as well as the landscaping and maintenance of parks and other public green areas. During the implementation of the project, the banks of the rivers were cleaned, parks and green areas in the city were mowed and decorated.

“Thanks to these public works activities in Foča, long-term unemployed persons have had the opportunity to get temporary employment and earn a certain income, which will contribute to economic empowerment of their households,”said Ismar Ćeremida, LID project Economic Development Coordinator.

“This project fully met all expectations and benefited all sides included: local community got clean and nicely decorated banks of the river and green areas, while the temporary employed workers had regular salaries for four months “, said Radisav Mašić, Major of Foča Municipality. He stressed that the implementers had used the funds in the best way possible and expressed hope that similar projects will be implemented next year as well.

“Together to employment” is one of the public works projects selected within the scope of the “Local Integrated Development” (LID) project, funded primarily by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH). The value of the project is 75,300 BAM, of which LID project contributed with 49,700 BAM, and the municipality of Foča with 25,600 BAM.

Public works projects are being implemented in five cities and municipalities in BiH, and besides Foča, employment projects are also implemented in Goražde, Orašje, Srebrenik and Žepče. These five projects, with total value of 380,000 BAM, will enable the employment of almost 160 socially vulnerable people in 2017.


Source: sarajevotimes


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