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Puljic’s Statement To Curry Favor With Political Sarajevo


Chairman of the SNSD Caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, Stasa Kosarac, told SRNA that the statement by Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Vinko Puljic, related to the reactions from Republika Srpska on the statement by Banjaluka Bishop Franjo Komarica, is unfortunately, of more daily-political nature but pastoral and is to curry favour with political Sarajevo in the fight against Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik.“The president of Republika Srpska addressed Bishop Komarica politely over his indecent and scandalous comparison between Banjaluka and Bleiburg, which terribly offended the Serb people in Banjaluka and Republika Srpska. The Srpska president did not deny with a single word the suffering of Croats or any other people in BiH in the last war “said Kosarac.

He has said that it was expected that Cardinal Puljic would distance himself from such heavy words by Bishop Komarica, that certainly do not contribute to the return and better position of Croats in Republika Srpska, which both Bishop and Cardinal certainly have right and obligation to take care of, but this right is not exercised through scandalous comparison between Banjaluka and Bleiburg.

Source: SRNA


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