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Pupovac: Croatica must meet obligations to Serbs


Croatia has to meet the obligations it assumed as an EU member towards Serbs whose community in the country is now 4.5%, as well as towards the Serbs in Serbia, Republika Srpska and third countries, says Milorad Pupovac, the leader of the Independent Democratic Serbian Party /SDSS/.

“These obligations include a strict respect for all minority rights, such as the issues of the language, alphabet, culture, and religion. There is also the issue of what the Serbs lost as either refugees or returnees in the field of reconstruction, housing, pensions, especially in the field of prosecution for war crimes, where they are prosecuted in a biased manner, instead of by justice and under the law,” Srna was told by Pupovac, the first candidate on the SDSS list for the European Parliament election which is taking place May 23-26.

All these issues, he noted, ought to be a major part of the party’s future MEP’s term in office.

“The second important task of our candidate is to be the first voice of Serbs from the former Yugoslavia in a European institution to testify about the real violence, position and interests of Serbs in the former Yugoslavia,” emphasised Pupovac.

He says the third major task of the future SDSS MEP will be to advocate EU enlargement to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, without so many conditions, so that the people of the two countries can become the citizens of Europe, not the people who wait outside Europe’s doors to be let in little by little, in the numbers considered appropriate by the authorities governing the EU right now.

Pupovac underscored that the SDSS had demonstrated in its campaign to be a surprise list and could win a seat in the European Parliament, adding it must not miss the opportunity.

“The SDSS has proved to have the best, most visible and most interesting election campaign which sets free the Serbs in Croatia, as well as the Croats who are sick and tired of being frightened with Serbs,” emphasised Pupovac.

Pupovac asserts that the campaign, during which he and the SDSS received messages containing Ustasha symbols and reading “Kill and slaughter Serbs!” was a chance to confront the Croatian society with the evil that exists there and the danger that poses a threat to not just the Serbs, but to everyone else who lives there.


Source: srna


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