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Putin-Trump meeting important for the Balkans

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Trump pose ahead a meeting in Helsinki, on Monday. Trump is under pressure to confront Putin about the indictment of 12 Russians accused of conspiring to interfere in the 2016 election.

Reublika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has stated that the first meeting between the Russian and US presidents, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, in Finland is very important for the Balkans and is a serious opportunity to show that the theory of a negative Russian influence in this region is false.
Dodik has pointed out that the matrix of the previous US administration – not the Trump’s one, but the one of some Westerners, above all the British – is focused on the theory of some Russian influence in the Balkans, thus this meeting is an opportunity to show that it actually does not exist.

“The Russians exists here. They are our associates. We appreciate that. I appreciate their contribution, as I take into account some fair and honest efforts of Western countries. But, of course, I do not respect the processes that were directed against our national interests, both of Serbia and Republika Srpska,” Dodik has said in his Happy TV interview.

He has stressed that it is of particular importance that a politician whose main political motto is “America is in the first place” meets with the president of Russia.

Dodik has stressed that he believes that a higher level of understanding will be reached that will relax overall Russia-US relations.

“Trump’s policy that the United States in the first place only opens the space for us to say that Republika Srpska is in the first place, Serbia is in the first place, the Serb people is in the first place, because that is the policy of the most powerful country in the world at the moment and to simply relax Russia-US relations. Once they are relaxed, it will be easier here too,” added Dodik.

The president of Republika Srpska has assessed that the ceremony marking the suffering of the Serb people during Operation Storm, announced for August 4 in Backa Palanka, is of special importance to the Serbs, because not marking such important dates would be “a definitive funeral of the Serb people in these regions”.

He has said that Republika Srpska and Serbia have been jointly marking important historical dates and places in history since the first year of the terms in office for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. The one of the important dates is sure the Memorial Day for the Serbs expelled from their centuries-old homes from Republika Srpska Krajina.

Dodik has said that the suffering of the Serb people must not be forgotten.

Commenting on the claims by the former BH Army commander, Naser Oric, that he did not call for war in his statement, but that it was only an interpretation of Serb politicians, Dodik has said that Oric’s statement cannot be interpreted differently.

He has pointed out that Republika Srpska was not scared and that such statements only strengthen it.




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