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Quarterly suspension of tax liability


The Republic of Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković said today that the Government had decided to suspend the payment of income tax liabilities and all fees arising from the final account by June 30.

– All business entities seeking this relief must submit a written statement to the Tax Administration and obtain approval from it – Višković said.

At a news conference in Banja Luka, the Prime Minister of Srpska said that the Government had decided to extend the obligations of business entities to the RBI for three months.

– This is about RBI direct placements up to 2015, but also funds that went through commercial banks – said Višković.

– A decision has been made to waive 50 percent of personal incomes for March, and the funds will be paid into the Solidarity Fund – he said.

Višković also called on all public sector employees, with the exception of health care employees, to waive part of the salary to be paid into the Solidarity Fund on a voluntary basis.

He suggested that workers with wages of up to 1,000 KM should be waived five percent of their net wages and those with wages of more than 1,000 KM should be given 10 percent.

– We need to show solidarity towards workers in the real sector and the funds raised in the Solidarity Fund will be used to help them – said the Prime Minister of Srpska.

He stated that he is very active in establishing a fund to help the economy.




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