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Radojičić: Banja Luka will position itself as a regional center


Banjaluka Mayor Igor Radojičić said today that this city intends to conceptually position itself as a regional center and to further develop cooperation with cities in the country and abroad.

“The geographic position of our town is very favorable. We are positioned so that only a few hours from Banja Luka you can reach the major cities and centers of central and southwestern Europe,” Radojičić said.

During the ceremonial reception on April 22 – City Day for City and Municipal Delegations, Radojičić stated that the current city administration was in power for two years and had plenty of ideas, ambitions and visions aimed at further development of the city in all its areas.

Among the activities of the city administration, Radojičić stated the adoption of a development strategy for the next 10 years, the development of an urban plan for the next 20 years, the creation of an action plan for the green city, and highlighted the construction of Eko-toplana among the realized projects.

“Our most popular program we realized with socially responsible companies, according to citizens, is the construction of children’s playgrounds,” Radojičić added.

He reminded that Day of the City – April 22, marks the memory of the liberation of the occupier in 1945.

Radojičić stated that during the Second World War Banja Luka had more than 4,500 victims, mostly civilian, due to the terror of the occupier.

As part of the Day of the City Day, Radojicic organized a reception for the delegation of the Vasilyevsky Islands District, part of St. Petersburg, as well as for the delegation of Kumanovo.




Source: Srna


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