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“Rajska dolina” (PHOTO)


At the very entrance to the Olympic beauty Jahorina, the hotel “Rajska dolina” (Paradise Valley) is situated. A place with the most beautiful view of the Poljica plateau from where the gondola departs, the plateau that is the symbol of Jahorina.

What makes the hotel specific compared to other hotels on the mountain beauty is its long history.

The hotel has a long tradition dating back to King Alexander I Karađorđević. Construction of the facility began in 1923, while the central building was built in 1925.

On the occasion of the century of its existence, the hotel was renovated three years ago and became one of the most luxurious hotels in the most visited winter resort of our country. The modern design of the 4-star hotel includes numerous details reminiscent of rich history and tradition.

Today, the hotel is owned by the Catering Service of the Government of the Republic of Srpska.

The 4-star hotel “Rajska dolina” offers guests comfortable accommodation in a specially designed ambience. It has 94 accommodation units (92 rooms and two luxury suites), gym, game room, fireplace room, modern conference room, hair salon and modern wellness centre.

Luxurious accommodation, an excellent position on the mountain and the great interest of guests were decisive for the decision to renovate another old facility so that “Rajska dolina” would have more beds. Last year, the facility “Rajska dolina lux” was opened, with 18 apartments and 20 rooms.

In addition to the accommodation facilities, both hotels have their own restaurants, lobby bar, fireplace hall, spa centre (jacuzzi, sauna, massage room), gym, hair salon, children’s playroom, conference room, ski room with complete equipment, and for summer facilities – bicycles and quads.

In winter, this is the place from where you go skiing, snowboarding, walking on mountain trails and enjoying the most beautiful winters.

Spring and summer in “Rajska dolina” have special charms, and then this becomes an oasis of peace and quiet, air that smells of the Jahorina grass and pine trees.

“Rajska dolina” is one of the most luxurious hotels in Jahorina, extremely popular throughout the year.

The rich gastronomic offer will make your stay on the mountain even better and confirm that this is a place to return to. For the reason that the most beautiful winters are on Jahorina, and Jahorina is the most beautiful in the “Rajska dolina”.

Skiers may choose their equipment in the hotel’s ski room, so they do not have to think about skis, boots, helmets and poles. All the necessary equipment for endless enjoyment on the Jahorina trails awaits them at the hotel.

“Rajska dolina” has excellent reviews on the world’s most popular platforms for booking hotel accommodation. Guests recommend the stay because of the excellent location, accommodation, food and staff.

The Director of the Catering Service of the Republic of Srpska, Zoran Čavić, said that the hotel has not only touristic and developmental significance for Jahorina, but also historical significance for the entire Republic of Srpska.

“When we, guided by the idea and vision of the President Milorad Dodik, started work on the renovation of “Rajska dolina”, it seemed like a dream to many, and many did not even believe that we would revive this facility”, said Čavić.

“The attitude of the employees towards the facility is a measure of everyone’s attitude towards the development of tourism in this part of the Republic of Srpska and it is an example for future generations of how to relate to the “Rajska dolina” and everything that is of public interest. By renovating and opening “Rajska dolina”, we have opened a new phase in the life of not only the hotel but also all of us, as we show that we are capable not only of implementing a good idea, but also of strengthening, expanding and beautifying what is good”, emphasized Čavić.

Welcome to “Rajska dolina”, your piece of paradise.

 The Srpska Times


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