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Record-breaking tourist season in Herzegovina


Herzegovina has always been interesting to tourists due to the great places such as Mostar, Pocitelj, Neum and Medugorje but this season could break all existing records. The Tourist Community of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, as well as some businesses and guests with whom we’ve talked, agree.

In Blagaj, one of the main tourist centers in these parts, they’re happily raking their hands. Many merchants with whom we’ve talked say that this is a better season than previous ones and hoteliers are of a similar opinion.

Elfid Tanovic, who has a hotel with a sports facilities and pools at the entrance to Blagaj, tells us that he’s satisfied with the season but that he can offer even more with his current capacities.

“All numbers are indicating that this season should be 15 to 20 percent better than the previous one. There are more arrivals and spent nights. I can be very happy with that, but I increased my capacities significantly so I still have room to grow,” Tanovic said.

Tanovic finds it is obvious that tourists in Herzegovina prefer being in the city compared to rural parts of Herzegovina, such as Blagaj, which doesn’t offer the Old Bridge but does have its own attractions such as the Dervish House and the Old City of Herceg Stjepan and peace and quiet, beautiful nature, and excellent offers.

Anrija Kresic, the president of the Tourist Community of Hercegovina-Neretva Canton is certain that this season will be record.

“The pre-season was record-breaking and all indicators that we have at our disposal say that this season will be a record-breaker. We don’t have precise statistics since our system of recording arrivals and departures of guests isn’t our stronger side but what we do see is what hoteliers and tourist workers are telling us, as well as our municipal offices. They’re all telling us that the number of arrivals is increasing,” Kresic says.

A more precise system of tracking the numbers of arrivals, nights spent and other statistics is lacking, but is not in the jurisdiction of the tourist workers and a problem of a lack of connectedness.

Kresic considers that the increased number of tourists in Herzegovina can be connected to many factors, including better economic conditions in the countries from which the tourists are coming from and better weather conditions, as well as the excellent work of the Tourist Community at various international symposiums.



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