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Record number of passengers, primary goal 500,000


Director of Banjaluka Airport, Milan Račić, said in an interview with SRNA that the past year was a record one with 343,009 passengers, and record months in the summer flight schedule were also recorded.

“During the summer months, around 50,000 passengers traveled from our airport, which are certainly impressive numbers. Our goal for this year is more than 420,000 passengers,” Račić said.

According to him, the primary goal in the first phase of Banjaluka Airport development is 500,000 passengers.

Speaking about flights in 2023, Račić said that increases in lines with Ryanair airline were already visible.

“From the first week of April, instead of twice, there will be flights six times a week on the line to Memmingem, every day except Saturday. On the line to Vienna, we also have flights three times a week,” said Račić.

When it comes to further destinations, he pointed out that charter flights to Tunisia and Greece had been agreed with partner travel agencies.

“The line to Tunisia starts in the sixth month and that is something new, as well as the line to Greece – Athens. Also, twice a week lines to Turkey. We will have lines to Egypt once a week in April, and in the sixth month we have another departure,” Račić said.

He also reminded that the flight line to Tivat in Montenegro had been maintained, with which the citizens, he said, were satisfied.

Račić stated that a project for the expansion of the passenger terminal building has been submitted to the Government of Republika Srpska, and that during this year it would be seen whether there was a possibility to help the Airport in expanding the infrastructure.

He said that at this moment the expansion was most necessary because of the attraction of new airlines and the creation of conditions for flights to new destinations.


Source: srna.rs


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