In the area of Mountain Manjača, near Banja Luka, a tourist-recreational complex should be built soon, and the first phase of the project realization, that is, the cleaning of the terrain, will be held on June 27 this year.

“With the help of construction mechanics and human beings, a path intended for a tour of the lake that will serve as a promenade, as well as the way to accommodation units that will be built in one of the phases, will be purified,” they said in the Tourism Organization Banja Luka (TOBL) development agency and the Center for development of agriculture and villages are implementing this project.

The project “Manjača as a tourist-recreational complex” aims at the development of Manjaca as an attractive city picnic, a new recreational complex, and mountain, winter and adventure tourism.

According to the words of the director of Banja Luka Tourism Organization, Irene Radojević, this is a unique innovative project that offers the development of modern tourist and sports facilities and new business models while preserving the mentioned area with its rural features.

As announced, this area, 22 kilometers from the largest city of Srpska, could be used for extreme sports, biking, paragliding, mountain rally…

“The realization of the project opens possibilities for rural tourism, hunting and fishing, as well as health, manifestation, recreational and sports tourism, within which educational camps can be organized,” the Tourist Organization of the largest city of Srpska said.

It would be interesting for tourists to visit existing buildings on the area of Manjaca, such as “Kočić’s house”, as well as the surrounding monasteries.

Representatives of the city Center for the Development of Agriculture and Villages pointed out that on the plateau of Manjača, construction of weekend settlements, hotels, sports fields and other accompanying facilities was planned, with the aim of using this space for the development of the whole region.

In this locality, there are a large and small lake, several rivers, and abundant with plains and paths through the forest part of the region.

The project is the result of cooperation between the Banja Luka Center for Agriculture and Village Development, Tourism Organization and City Development Agency, whose representatives stressed that the most important goals of the Manjaca as a tourist-recreational complex project are the protection of natural resources and improvement of existing infrastructure.


Source: seesrpska


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