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Red cross donated baby packages on occasion of Red cross week


By dividing four baby-packages in Maternity Hospital of Zvornik General Hospital, the City Red Cross organization began marking “Red Cross Week”, which will last until Tuesday, May 15th.

Baby packages were handed over by the President and Secretary of the Red Cross Organization Dejan Galić and Danojka Mićić.

Mićić said that the City Red Cross organization planns to organize Regional Competition on Knowledge of First Aid, within the framework of Sunday Red Cross, and to distribute propaganda materials and stamps of the Red Cross in schools.

“This week, the implementation of the Mine Risk Warning Program, implemented by the Red Cross of Republika Srpska, will begin,” Mićić said.

She added that Red Cross education for the students from the fourth to the ninth grade in the “Sveti Sava” primary school was scheduled for May 14. The construction of two playgrounds near the elementary schools “Jovan Cvijić” in Drinjača and “Desanka Maksimović “in Celopek is also announced.

Galić noted that the activists, volunteers and youth of the Red Cross will visit the 10 most vulnerable families in the Zvornik area and hand over their hygienic packages.

“We want to organize a reception with the mayor of Zvornik for voluntary blood donors from the Secondary School Center “Petar Kočić” and the Technical School Center that donated blood for the first time this year and give them gifts of thanksgiving, booklets and occasional gifts,” said Galić .

Mićić and Galić reminded that the distribution of clothing and footwear for socially vulnerable persons will be organized in the premises of the Red Cross City Organization.

The donor of the baby and the package with hygienic means is Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska.



Source: Nezavisne


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