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Red Rocks placed under protection


The Republika Srpska Government has declared Red Rocks /Crvene stijene/ as a Natural Monument, thus placing this area under protection in order to preserve the representative and attractive geomorphological landmarks of Romanija mountain’s western edge.

The most striking form of relief are Red Rocks themselves, as a representative example of the broad fronts of Romanija’s massif, which are highlighted in relief by predominantly vertical rocky cliffs more than 100 meters high, the Government’s Public Relations Bureau announced.

Field research has registered 300 taxonomies of vascular plants, 10 of which are endemic to the Balkan Peninsula. Of the individual trees, the birch under the rock creep stands out, which has an unusual structure, bark and habitat, and the black pine, which has an exceptional position on the cliff, habitus and habitat.

In the process of declaring this protected area, category three, Natural Monument, was established.


Source: srna.rs

Photo: Vladimir Tadić 


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