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Red Star is the champion! Red and Whites missed a penalty, they played with 10 players, ace Pavlov solved the matter of a winner!


Red Star defended the title and they reached to the 30th trophy as a champion of the state after 12 years.

Football players of Red Star have won against Mladost from Lucane in the 35th round of the Superleague and they confirmed the title of the champion of Serbia. They have the unreachable advantage 2 round before the end.

The only scorer for Red Star was Milan Pavkov who decided the winner in the 82nd minute, although the Red and Whites had one player less.

Red Star managed to defend the title for the first time since the seasons 2005/2006 – 2006/2007. The first half began with boring football which sped up.

Ben was the only one who was in the mood to play with the opposing players.

The second half didn’t have many opportunities, but it gave several situations which could bring Red Star into the lead. Vukanovic missed his chance for Red Star when he took the shot at the 53rd minute.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

Foto: Marko Jovanović

Red Star kept attacking and it paid out in the 82nd minute. Jovancic sent the ball over the ground to Gajic, he returned the ball back to Pavkov, and the striker from Begec hit the net for great celebration on the stands.

Red and Whites reached the 54th point in the championship, and Radnicki from Nis couldn’t catch up.


Source: telegraf


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