Republika Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has said that she is proud because the first referendum in Republika Srpska is successful in every way and that the citizens recognised the importance of this day.
“We have shown the capability of being able to hold it. Bravo Srpska, bravo Srpska citizens and let’s move on,” Cvijanovic told the reporters in Banjaluka.

She has congratulated the citizens for exercising their duty in today’s referendum, and added that the judiciary, legislative and executive authorities in Srpska will do theirs.

Cvijanovic has expressed satisfaction since there was no a single incident registered in the referendum.

“This was the day when Srpska demonstrated democratic capacity and provided such a turnout and peaceful and tolerant voting of citizens”, said Cvijanovic.
The Srpska prime minister has announced that the Law on Public Holidays could be reviewed on October 11, when the session of the National Assembly should be held.

Cvijanovic has said that the session of the Srpska National Assembly’s Collegium is scheduled for the next week, adding that, according to the procedure, it is necessary for the government to adopted amendments to the law and submit them to the parliamentary procedure.

“I believe that formally, there will be no problems in terms of deadlines “, said Cvijanovic.

She has said that the paragraph 1, article 5 of the Law on Republika Srpska Holidays will be deleted, which removes the obligation to celebrate Republika Srpska Day for those who cannot identify with that holiday.

“We believe that this meets what is required of us, but we are open to all suggestions. We have six months to define relevant legal acts after the finalisation of the formal and procedural parts,” said Cvijanovic.

If anyone feared of criminal justice sphere and sanctions in Srpska, the referendum would not be held today.

“It is impossible to achieve cohesion in this country and preserve whatever we already have if we persecute or disrespect each other. If we resolve issues through the courts, I do not believe in the future of this country, but believe if we learn to respect each other and solve things through the dialogue,” said Cvijanovic.

Commenting on possible actions of the BiH Constitutional Court, Cvijanovic stated that it is always difficult to predict how this court will act, taking into account the international judges sitting there.

“We are familiar with the practice of this court. The thing that terrifies me as the citizen of Srpska and Europe is what an Austrian judge, who previously sat there, said; that this court was harmonizing all its decisions with the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is devastating for Justice. BiH must not be a kind of an experiment, which allows things that are not permitted anywhere else,” Cvijanovic said.

Source: Srna


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