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Referendum to be discussed in Parliament soon


The National Assembly of Republika Srpska will discuss the issue of a referendum on the Day of the Republic at one of its upcoming sessions, said President Milorad Dodik on Saturday.
An earlier agreement of the leaders in Srpska was that further steps would be agreed if the bill on the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina got refused at the state level, said Dodik.

“We had earlier agreed to define the question for the referendum together. In my opinion, it is certain that the referendum question will be this: ‘Do you support the Republic Day to be celebrated on January 9?’ Dodik told reporters in Banjaluka.

The BiH Constitutional Court found on November 26 last year that the article of the Srpska Holidays Law which speaks of January 9 as the Republic Day was unconstitutional and that the National Assembly should harmonise the law with the BiH Constitution within six months.
Srpska officials agreed at a meeting held on November 30 that the National Assembly should issue the decision and schedule the referendum where the people would make a decision whether they accept the BiH Constitutional Court’s decision to abolish the Republic Day celebrated on January 9.

Source: SRNA


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