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Reforms to boost recovery and job creation


The European Union can contribute to B&H’s progress through a variety of programs and reforms, but the key problems which need to be solved are unemployment and economic development.

These are the estimates of economic experts after Stefan Fule, the EU Enlargement Commissioner, announced a new approach towards the Western Balkan countries, including B&H. Fule stressed that the main goals of this approach would be economic reforms and development.

Fule said at the conference of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which was held on Monday in London, that the EU wants to continue to support the region in dealing with the challenges of creating jobs, increasing competitiveness and stimulating economic growth.

However to economists and MP’s from Srpska these promises seems like new words to an old story.

Commenting on the announcement of a new EU approach in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Igor Radojicic, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, said that the EU still hasn’t prepared anything special for B&H. Speaking of the possibilities of a new approach to B&H in terms of accession, Radojcic said that this should mean that the Sejdic and Finci matter, as well as the coordination mechanism, won’t be imperative for the accession process in the future which would be relieving for B&H.


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