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Regional conference on stimulating innovation in Srpska


A regional conference aimed at providing information on the institutions and measures encouraging innovation in Srpska is taking place in Banjaluka.

The Minister of Science and Technology of Srpska, Jasmin Komic, said that vital questions such as how to improve the competitiveness and productivity in the science community will be answered during the conference, while measures and incentives needed to improve the business environment in Srpska will be discussed.

He added that the government has a special role in achieving a higher level of competitiveness in the economy through the creation of innovative systems which will lead to the formation of new jobs in Srpska.

The regional conference is organized by the Innovative Center Banjaluka in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Srpska and INOVO project.

The conference is attended by representatives of ministries, universities, development agencies and other relevant actors in the field of innovation; they will use this opportunity to exchange ideas for the further promotion of innovative activities.


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